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Sweet Treats

At Creative Refreshments we cater to all tastes with a menu designed to delight both young and old. We only use the best ingredients and we always keep it fresh. Our menu includes the traditional Mr Whippy soft serve with all your favourite toppings, vegan ice cream, a fruit sorbet selection that is locally sourced and fresh or try an award-winning Italian style gelato. Our goal is to ensure that your celebration is a memorable one. Remember we are in the business of making a great day even better.

Special Events

We don't just have the best treats, we have the best truck. Built and completed in late 2018 the truck has been designed to suit any occasion from corporate events to children's parties and major festivals. This truck is a striking new addition to Sydney's community of mobile vendors. We believe the truck's professional (and colourful) appearance reflects our commitment to good service, a quality menu and our willingness to make your event memorable. From marriages to local sporting events, we can brighten up any occasion and ensure everyone in attendance is made to feel special.

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Who IsCreative Refreshments - Vegan Ice Cream Food Truck

We are a mobile food business providing sweet treats for everyone from a Mr Whippy soft serve, Italian-style gelato or fruit sorbet through to thick shakes, cold drinks and the best espresso. We only use quality ingredients and pride ourselves on providing a friendly service.

Who We Are

From children's parties to corporate events and festivals, we are available to brighten up any occasion from the Sydney metropolitan area to the Central Coast and south to Wollongong.

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Quality Menu

For Ice-Cream Lovers

Treat yourself to a traditional Mr Whippy soft serve with all your favourite toppings, enjoy delicious vegan ice cream or keep it fresh with our locally sourced fruit sorbet selection. Our award-winning Italian style gelato menu will delight young and old. When was the last time you indulged in a Spider? Remember mixing Coca-Cola and ice-cream to create a fuzzy, sparkling drink that is best served with a spoon.

Icy Cold Drinks

We always stock plenty of cold water for those hot, summer days and balmy evenings along with a selection of ice cold drinks. Maybe a Slushy is more your style. Our milkshakes are always popular along with our thick and creamy thickshakes. Want to feel special? Then let us indulge you with our wonderful meny and friendly service.

Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers we can provide a fresh espresso with locally sourced coffee. Sydneysiders know that any time is the right time for good, quality coffee. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients and ensuring that your experience with us is a great one.

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